We’re taking this week to perform acts of service and love for our neighbors!

How to participate: Go | See | Feel | Do


GO | Take a walk around the neighborhood, take a different way home from work


SEE | Open your eyes to needs in your neighborhood


FEEL |  Allow God to move your heart towards the need


DO | Plan and execute an act of service with you and your family.



- Help an elderly neighbor with yard work

- Pick up trash on your street

- Bring a homemade dessert to a neighbor


Saturday | June 26 | 9:00-12:00 PM

Steele Lane Community Center

We’re honored to partner with the City of Santa Rosa to help get Steele Lane Community Center into great shape! This center hosts everything from Children’s Day Camps to Senior Events and more.


We’ll meet at Thrive Church at 8:30 for breakfast and prayer, then head up the road at 9:00

Please bring gloves and rakes if you have them!


Directions (if not carpooling)


Steele Lane Community Center
415 Steele Ln. Santa Rosa (Click for map)

(From Thrive Church, go north up Guerneville Rd.)


We’re taking this week to perform acts of service and love for our neighbors!

1. Pick up trash that’s blown along the street or gutters.

2. Host neighborhood BBQ 

3. Use vocation to help neighbor/s

4. Bake some cookies for your neighbor.

5. Give someone a flower -- or a dozen.

6. Leave a kind note on a neighbor’s car windshield.

7. Invite someone who lives alone over for dinner.

8. Clean up graffiti.

9. Help someone unload their groceries.

10. Greet your postman/delivery person with a cold water bottle on a hot day.

11. Share fresh produce with your neighbors.

12. Someone new moving into the neighborhood? Help them

13. Mow a neighbor’s lawn.

14. Pick up groceries for someone who has difficulties getting out.

15. Bring in your neighbor’s trashcans.

16. Buy coffee for the person waiting behind you at the local coffee shop.

17. Deliver a bouquet of flowers to a nearby nursing home.

18. Buy a dozen bottles of bubbles and attach a fun note to each one. Leave the bottles at homes along your street.

19. Launch a neighborhood campaign to collect food for a nearby shelter.

20. Ask your neighbor if you can take their dog for a walk.

21. Leave a kind server the biggest tip you can afford.

22. Spruce up a run-down playground.

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” - Proverbs 11:25