Being Led by God's Spirit

The life of a Christian is designed to be lived in rhythm with God's Spirit. The Bible tells us to "catch the wind" of what God is doing, to put up our sails by asking God, "What are you doing in the world today, and what is my assignment?"


We've developed a shorthand for this - we call it "being led" by God's Spirit. What does it mean to be "led" by the Spirit of God. Well, first, being led by the Spirit does not simply mean "feeling" led.


Feelings are important, and God uses them, but feelings are not designed to lead us. Often times, “feeling led” means we are operating in the natural not spiritual.


You see, since feelings change, often through things outside of our control, a life led by feelings, even spiritual feelings, becomes random. There's no permanence or foundation to your life; because feelings are in charge. People who are led by their feelings spend their time chasing the wind instead of catching it. 


Not every opportunity that presents itself is God’s direction, sometimes it’s a distraction. If you’re led by your feelings you’ll be susceptible to walking through open doors that aren’t part of your assignment. Remember, nothing God does is random - whether He is doing something or not, it is always on purpose!


Key Concept: Your assignment comes through your alignment.


Who or what you’re aligned with determines the direction of your thoughts, actions and emotions.


  • If you get up every morning and the first thing you do is align your mind and emotions with the news and media, you'll believe the world is in trouble and open your feelings and decision-making to fear and anxiety.


  • If you align yourself with image, pop culture and social media status, you be led by self-image and how you perceive people feel about you. You'll be open to spending money and time on people pleasing, and be prone to depression.


  • If you withdrawn and spend all your time alone, you'll only have the input of your own mind, and align yourself with a warped and perspective-less view of life.


Our alignment helps us determine whether something is a direction or a distraction.



So how do we align with the rhythm of God's Spirit?




The Bible is our weathervane for God’s Spirit. It gives concrete discernment and direction for our lives. It helps us judge rightly, directs our spiritual gifts, stirs our hearts, gives divine revelation we can trust. It helps us diagnose our feelings in the light of God's truth and gives us the peace of His perspective.


Tip: Don't settle for meme's or snippets of God's Word - get a Bible reading plan spend time each day letting the richness of the Word nourish your mind and soul.




The leading of God's Spirit is almost never a solo act in Scripture. God gives direction, encouragement, wisdom, warning and power to and through the Church, as expressed in local congregations of believers. If we want to catch the wind of God's Spirit, we've got to be where it's blowing! Aligning with God's Spirit means making belonging to, serving at, contributing to and praying for your local Church your highest priority - God's Spirit blows where His people are in unity.


Tip: Get regular wise counsel - One of the signs someone is being led by feelings is that they can't be coached, can't be challenged and can't be counted on. Spiritual wisdom comes from the spiritually wise, and those who wish to catch the wind of God's Spirit humbly cultivate relationships with Godly, spiritually mature believers (generally in the context of their local church) and get feedback, prayer and wise counsel from them. The Bible says, "in a multitude of counselors, there is safety."




If there's anything I'm noticing about 2020-21, it's that God is calling His people to get a different attitude around worship. We need to get into worship before the holy God and let the true weight of His joy and sovereignty fill us up. Coporate Worship with our church, and personal worship where we're focused on glorifying Him.


Tip: Remember, worship isn't for me, it's for Him. Some people miss the benefit of worship because they're doing it so they'll feel better. Worship is ministry to God, alignment with His divine presence. And when we're in alignment, we get our assignment.



God's Spirit is moving in profound ways in these unsettled times - I hope this encourages you to lean in to the resources God has given, to catch the wind of His Spirit through alignment with His Word, His Church and His presence. When you do, you'll find the rhythm of the Spirit in every moment of your life.



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