A Deep Satisfied Breath

Today, the day after Christmas, is Sabbath Sunday at Thrive Church. We don’t hold services, and encourage you to enjoy time with family, especially those of you who serve on Team Thrive.


The principle of Sabbath goes all the way back to the first chapter of the Bible, where it says God “rested” from the work of Creation. We often use this shorthand for Sabbath - a “day of rest.”


Rest is part of it to be sure, but Sabbath is about more than resting. It’s an acknowledgment that work will always remain undone. There’s always another project, another opportunity to earn more, do more, accomplish more. What God modeled with Sabbath was stopping the work to fully enjoy and enter into the good that has already been done.


That’s what Sabbath is. Stop. Enjoy. Appreciate. Relish what is for a moment, instead of straining towards what will be.


God has done so many wonderful things in and through Thrive Church this year. I’m thinking about the new members we’ve baptized into God’s family. The encounters with God, new relationships formed, celebrating fun times, holding each other through difficult times. God has been so faithful.


And for those who serve on Team Thrive, I’m so proud of you. You’re my heroes. You’ve taught children about Jesus, shown hospitality and welcome, played instruments, produced services, organized, led. God has done such marvelous things in you and through you. You have moved the Kingdom of God forward.


I stood outside on our church property this morning in the brisk overcast air, and could almost sense a deep, satisfied breath coming from the empty building. Good has been done. Lives have been changed. It is well.


Next weekend we take another deep breath and dive into 2022. There will always be work of the Kingdom undone, there is always goodness from God to come.


For today, we stop. We rest. We relish. We Sabbath.


With appreciation for what has been, and anticipation of what is to come,


Pastor Nick.